Cytotec (misoprostol) can be suggested by your wellness care service provider to safeguard the lining of your tummy and protect against formation of lesions arising from your other procedure. The results of this medication are based on minimizing the quantity of acid produced by your stomach. It's essential to keep in mind that Cytotec is not visiting manage the lesions you already established - as an alternative it will stop their development. If you created lesions anyway - a various procedure needs to be taken into consideration, as Cytotec is not going to aid you. Make sure you inform your medical supplier if you get any kind of symptoms of a sensitive response while using Cytotec, such as hivers, breakout, puffinessing and trouble breathing. In many cases Cytotec is tolerated very well and a few mild negative effects are possible. The aftering light adverse effects are occasionally stated: headache, menstruation pains, moderate looseness of the bowels, flatulence, stomach pains, puking, nausea, and irregularity. See to it you inform your health treatment company if you create any type of adverse effects that are a lot more intense compared to the ones mentioned that you believe mean your procedure is not going quite as planned. Store Cytotec in some location whether various other individuals will be unable to access to it. © All rights reserved 2011